Personalized nutrition/DIET & Fitness plans by Ashley Mayer


Nurse Practitioner

Former Professor

Personal Trainer

Former Bikini Pro

Momma x2 & Wife


Your health & happiness aren't worth the risk! Hire a coach with medical knowledge, experience & proven results!

Diet & Nutrition

Personalized macronutrient based nutrition plans, tailored to you to help you reach your goals. Includes weekly check-ins and unlimited email support. Available in month to month or multi-month packages

Fitness & Training

Home or gym based workout plans for all levels of fitness. Created in a weekly format with detailed lifts including sets and repetitions


Competitions & Sports

Personalized coaching for multiple fitness and sporting interests. You'll find Grit Girls in bikini and figure competitions, running races, and competing in Crossfit and Power Lifting. Just to name a few!